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Redesign of the Maintenance Concept Development Framework for Heineken

In this master thesis, the maintenance concept review and improvement process of Heineken is redesigned. Firstly, a feedback loop is proposed to realize continuous improvement of the maintenance concepts. Additionally, the current framework of Heineken that prescribes how to develop/improve a maintenance concept is redesigned, based on a literature review and experience at Heineken Zoeterwoude. The redesigned framework includes more possible maintenance policies that can be applied at a component and a redesigned method that determines which maintenance policy to apply on which component.
Furthermore, the redesigned maintenance concept development framework is applied on the packers of production line 7 of Heineken Zoeterwoude. The developed maintenance concept reduces the breakdown time caused by breakdowns of the packers and fulfills the determined availability target of the technical systems, with minimal costs.
Finally, recommendations regarding the use of the redesigned framework and further improvements of the maintenance organization at Heineken Zoeterwoude are provided.

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