Supply Chain Management

Roadmap Mathematics and Computer Science for Logistics

The Top Sector Logistics finances research projects in the field of operations research, network optimization, planning and capacity allocation. Mathematics is a basic discipline in all these areas. The needs of the logistics industry are often practical.  Nevertheless, in terms of mathematical modeling and computational scalability of the solution methods, many of the problems addressed in projects are complex. Therefore, the development of the underlying theoretical and conceptual mathematical knowledge and calculation methods is necessary: For tackling future challenges of the logistics sector.

Commissioned by TKI Dinalog, Ton de Kok, Rob van der Mei and Guido Schäfer of the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science CWI took on this challenge. In collaboration with academic leaders in logistics, they developed a research agenda for mathematics and computer science in logistics. This report will take you on our journey in good company. A journey to which we also invite you for years to come.

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