Cross Chain Control Collaboration (4C)

SoCool@EU Needs analysis / SWOT report

Mersin is one of major nodes of sea transportation both for Turkey and for neighbouring countries in the hinterland. The Free Trade Zone in Mersin is the 4th largest in Turkey and it has significant contribution to the development of logistics and transport economy. However, the quick rise in freight movements in the region and especially related to heavy truck traffic has resulted in several challenges for the region. For the moment logistics is organized ineffectively and unsustainable. This has a negative effect on the economic and environmental position of the region with traffic congestions, inefficient use of urban space and pollution.
This report reflects on the potential of a logistics cluster initiative in the Mersin region. The objective has been to use the report, and the related process of establishing network activities, as a tool to take the next step to set up an accessible platform for the region of Mersin.

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