The EU-funded project ‘Sustainable Organisation between Clusters of Optimised Logistics @ Europe’, in short ‘SoCool@EU’, is a project that aims to create an open European platform of excellence for logistics and supply chain management in connection with hubs and gateways. Once established, this platform will be open to other regional clusters with a logistics and transport profile. The main goal is to enable research-driven regional clusters in Europe to collaborate and exchange experiences to increase sustainability and competitiveness of logistics services and intermodal transport operations.

The successful chain of production and trade cannot operate without a network of regional logistics hubs. These hubs are vital to a well-functioning economy with competitive transport and logistics flows. The future prosperity of Europe will depend on the ability of regions to be fully and competitively integrated in the world economy, leading to a unified research-driven European logistics network. The success lies in the support and development of strong, specialized and interconnected logistics clusters in Europe.

SoCool@EU’s main operational objectives are to:
♦ Enhance cooperation between European logistics regions and their triple helix actors;
♦ Overcome political and administrative barriers in uncovering and defining cooperation potentials;
♦ Develop and implement joint action plans to increase regional competitiveness and sustainability;
♦ Foster cooperation within and between logistics clusters;
♦ Support the internationalisation of regional logistics clusters;
♦ Improve the image of logistics.

Facts & Figures

5 European clusters
256 participants at the final event

Startdate: 31 Dec 2011
Enddate: 30 Dec 2014