IPIC 2021 8th International Physical Internet Conference

The future of the global freight and logistics industry will be shaped during a 3-day online conference from 15th to 16th of June. A PhD Colloquium as a pre-conference event is foreseen on the 14th of June.

Building on a successful tradition, the 8th Annual International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) aims to provide an open forum for industry, innovators, researchers, government officials and citizens to introduce leading edge concepts, technology applications and methodologies for future interconnected logistics; to review the state-of-the-art technologies and latest projects, and to identify critical issues and challenges for future Physical Internet induced research, innovation, and implementation. Specifically, the conference focuses on insights for implementation steps of the Physical Internet in the different generations and time frames from nowadays to 2030.

The Physical Internet Concept

Improving freight transport and logistics efficiency and sustainability through an interconnected, interoperable and shared use of logistics networks has been a great opportunity. The Physical Internet concept aims to get freight flows and logistics services as accessible and connected as information and services are over internet in both global and last mile. Physical Internet aims at asset sharing and flow consolidation on a massive scale supporting the brutal challenge of freight transport and logistics decarbonization. The Physical Internet (PI, π) has opened a paradigm-breaking field encompassing the interconnectivity and interoperability of smart logistics networks, transportation systems, manufacturing systems and supply chains, enabling seamless open asset sharing and flow consolidation on a massive scale. It aims to transform the way physical objects are moved, deployed, realized, supplied, designed and used all around the world to improve by an order-of magnitude the overall performance in terms of economic, environmental and societal efficiency and sustainability.

More information you can find via this link.

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