Online Matchmaking meeting KIC Call ‘Energy transition as socio-technical challenge’

Within the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) it is possible to submit proposals for the call ‘Energy transition as a socio-technical challenge’. This programme focuses on innovations in the built environment, mobility and energy systems in order to contribute to the energy transition. On 11 February, NWO organises an online matchmaking meeting for this call for proposals, from 1 pm till 4 pm.

The call ‘Energy transition as a socio-technical challenge’ is part of main line 1 (MISSION) of the KIC. The mission-driven calls invite research that contributes to the realisation of the missions within the KIC. This involves both the technological and societal aspects, with contributions expected from researchers from various disciplines. Accelerating the energy transition contributes to a vital and liveable society, in which economic growth, social justice and a clean living environment ensure that people want to live and work in the Netherlands.

A budget of 6.5 million euros is available for this call. The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is 8 April 2021 and for full applications 16 September 2021. This call contributes to the objectives of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) “Energy Transition and Sustainability”.

Matchmaking programme

Within a varied programme of interactive sessions, the participants talk about interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange their research interests with each other. Information will also be provided on the background and content of the call for proposals. Finally, you will get the opportunity to get in touch with other participants.

Date: 11 February 2021
Time: 1:00 pm till 4:00 pm
Location: online, you will receive the link to participate after registration
Registration: no later than 9 February, participation is free of charge

Foto credit: NWO/Alex Schröder

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