Webinar Lanza’s advanced spare parts planning made simple

Learn from our clients and see what Lanza can do for your organisation.

Lanza; new kid on the block

You suffer from overstocks and poor service levels to your end clients but cannot find practical and easy-to-use tools and methods to break the pattern. Lanza is the new kid on the block that partners with you by means of ‘advanced made simple’ decision support.

Do you dare to attend?

In this interactive webinar we share the experiences of our clients, such as Bayer and Transavia (a member of the KLM group). How do they look at the challenges in spare parts management and what did they do to solve them?


Advanced made simple

Lanza is a spin-off of Gordian Logistic Experts and is your spare parts management software solution that gives you control, insights and above all performance improvement. Whether it is about availability, working capital reduction or cost reduction Lanza will help you focus and achieve your targets. With a world-class planning solution and intuitive UI and UX design we live our credo: “Advanced made simple”.


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